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The Secret Page

Okay seriously now, every website has to have a secret page. Like, seriously. Without a secret page a website is so totally lame. Anyway, good thing you came and found this place eh! Totally awesome, yeyuh!! So what'll you find here? Random stuff. Like a large picture of Wally the Walrus there, our mascot. You'll also get to see Wally's friends as well (and I'm sure they're happy to see you too). Unfortunately for Wally, his friends tend to be more land-based, so he only interacts with them over the Internet and has never really met them in real life... so sad. But with all of this random awesome stuff on this page, he's not sad! No, in fact, he's a happy walrus!

Wally the Walrus!

Rolf the Vending Machine

Harriet the Cow


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