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So you've got a website done and you need somewhere to put it. Well, that's where web hosts come in to play. In order to put something on the Internet you need a host of some sort, whether it be one that you set up yourself, or more commonly, using webspace provided by a company. Now, there are hundreds of companies out there that offer cheap web hosting, but what use is cheap web hosting if you don't have enough space for your entire webpage or not enough bandwidth (amount of data transferred) to host your web site? Well here on The HappyWalrus Network, we only recommend quality web hosting so you won't have to waste your time comparing hosts! Okay, and what's a web host without a domain name ( We've got that covered too.

First and foremost, we highly recommend HostMonster, which has great deals on hosting as well as excellent customer service and value! They've been around for a long time and they're also one of the biggest and cheapest web hosts out there. They've also won numerous awards and they offer way more than any other webhost for the price. Definitely strongly recommended!

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If you're looking for free hosting, Yahoo! GeoCities is one of the most popular. GeoCities has been around for a long time before Yahoo! bought the company, but they're still extremely reliable and easy to use, especially for beginners.

If you want to buy a domain name, such as, you should probably check out Go Daddy, one of the cheapest domain registering services out there. Not only are they cheap, they also have excellent customer service and high customer satisfaction, so check them out too!

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