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Make Money: Paid Surveys

Did you know that there are research companies out there that want to pay you for your opinion? Did you also know that these companies are free and highly accessable to anyone? It's true, millions of people throughout the United States, and even around the world, are currently making extra cash in the comfort of their own homes every day by filling out online surveys and even participating in focus groups. Surveys are usually quite short and simple and you can earn anywhere from $5 to $200 per survey! Most importantly, though, is that when you sign up with a survey company, they will not spam your email address: you will only receive an email from them if there is a survey that is available for you to participate in.

The most highly recommended survey and focus group company out there is SurveySavvy. Not only do they send out a large number of surveys, they also pay the most to their members! Sign up with SurveySavvy and start making money!

Here is a sample email from SurveySavvy:

Dear John Doe,

We sincerely appreciate your involvement in the SurveySavvy community. SurveySavvy's parent company, Luth Research, needs your opinions on the latest entertainment technologies and is recruiting members for a product trial in your area. According to our records, you or someone in your home may qualify. Please use the link below to go to our qualification survey. Your survey will be reviewed and if you qualify for an open quota a representative will call you with further details about the product trial.

* Payment: $100 - Must complete all phases
* Product Trial includes: Radio adapter (includes voucher for free installation), a new Motorola Cell phone, and 1 FREE year of a new music service - ALL AT NO COST TO YOU.

To participate please go to the following address:**********

So what are you waiting for? It's free, quick, and painless and you'll start making money in no time at all! Sign up with SurveySavvy now!

A great place for finding out more about paid surveys is GreenSurveys, a website completely dedicated to paid surveys online and focus groups. On it is a large list of survey and focus group companies.

Get Paid to Take Surveys Online

GreenSurveys is the leader in online paid surveys and is highly recommended by the HappyWalrus Network crew!


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