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Resources: 3d Studio MAX

One of the best, most-used 3d modeling programs out there is 3d Studio MAX. In combining ease of use and simplicity (relative to other 3d programs), 3d Studio MAX has gained a large fanbase as a powerful, yet simple, 3d modeling program. Once you learn the basics, the potential is limitless! And since you're on The HappyWalrus Network, you won't have to search around for great tutorial websites because we've done the digging for you! From the beginning user to the pro 3d master, we've got all the bases covered! Now, let's begin...

One of the absolute best websites to learn (if you have time) is 3dTotal, which has a number of amazing 3d Studio MAX tutorials, so be sure to look here for some awesome help and information!

Intermediate users will find the tutorials on Pixel2Life quite useful. The tutorials rated on the site by other users by how good they are and how difficult they are.

A more community-based site, 3d Kingdom has numerous good tutorials as well as an art gallery, sample 3d models, and forums--definitely a place to check out!


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