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Resources: Bargain Websites

Have you ever spotted a friend with a brand new digital camera and been surprised when you learned that he paid much less than the retail price at your local computer store? It happens all the time and it's mostly because of online bargain websites! These websites often feature coupon codes are instant online rebates which allow you to get everything from free shipping to 50% off a certain item! In fact, once in a while you may even be able to get up to an instant $800 off a Dell computer (these deals come approximately every two weeks)! Many of these sites offer large discounts on consumer electronics products such as iPods, computers, digital cameras, memory cards, flat-panel LCD monitors, speaker systems, plasma TVs, computer parts, printers, and much, much more. So next time you see one of your friends, you can smile as you learn that they paid $400 more for the same computer that you bought!

Perhaps one of the most well-known bargain websites is FatWallet, which, in addition to its already-strong content, has an amazing community of people that actively post a large number of deals on the forums.

Another great website is Ben's Bargain Center which follows a more user-friendly format than FatWallet. Each product listed includes a description of the product, as well as the ability for people to discuss that specific bargain.

eCoupons is a comprehensive, although somewhat confusingly complex, website of coupons and specials that lists everything from electronics to luggage to jewelry.


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